About Us

NORBERG & LINDEN provides high quality products and promotes creative thinking for everyone! We are excited that you chose us to be part of your artistic journey.

Our roots are based in a family with a large history of artists- from leather workers, painters, potters, soap makers and more.  Our love and devotion to the arts is deeply embedded in our history. That history is intertwined with many artists and art forms, just as the branches of the linden tree in our logo are intertwined. The linden tree is native to Northern Europe, where our roots originate. We have seen how art has spanned generations, continents, ages and interests in our own families and we passionately want to support and build up communities and families using art. We know from first-hand experience, the importance, and benefits of art as a form of communication and self-expression.  We are grateful for the place art has in our own families and journey; we want to share that with others. Our history has given us deep roots in the art world and hope to help you rediscover your roots, as well as to branch out into new opportunities and medias while you create your own story.

If you have any questions or issues, please reach out to us! We want to help!

Your feedback is invaluable! Please let us know about your experience. Our goal is to have the best products and the best service!