A Guide to Drawing Kits

A Guide to Drawing Kits

Whether you’re a beginning artist or an experienced one, everyone needs supplies to draw. A pencil and paper are the most common items to draw with, but even then, there are some major differences between the different kinds of supplies. Drawing kits are therefore a great way to get to know the different types of pencils, papers and other helpful supplies to support your artistic creations!

What’s a drawing kit? 

A drawing kit, or drawing set, is usually a combination of different drawing supplies put together in a pocket-sized or A4-sized bundle. This means you can take it everywhere you’d like and will never lose a loose pencil or eraser. 

One of the biggest benefits of a drawing set is that most of the items in there are more expensive to buy on their own than together in the set. And since not all artists are as rich as they’d like to be, it’s an ideal way to save money and to buy a high-quality kit at the same time.

Recommended kit + a peek inside

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to traditional drawing or if you’ve done it for years, I personally recommend to buy the Norberg and Linden XL set. This set has everything you need within a travel size case, making it easy to carry around. 

Inside the case there is a 100-page, high quality sketchbook, twelve graphite pencils ranging from 8B to 5H, charcoal pencils, charcoal sticks, a premium eraser, sandpaper, blending stumps, a pencil extender and an art knife. Words won’t do this package justice, you’ll have to experience this beauty for yourself. 

Why a drawing kit?

Now, you may wonder why you would buy a drawing kit when you’ve already got a pencil and some paper at home. With one of the previously mentioned reasons being that you won’t lose your materials as easily, the rest of the reasons are simple:

First of all, when you’re drawing at home, you might find yourself missing certain items like a charcoal eraser or specialized sharpener. When you buy a kit, you’ll have everything you need within hand’s reach.

There will also always be items you never knew even existed. Trying them out is a great way to discover a new technique or favourite appliance to use during your creative working hours. 

Lastly, another big reason is that you don’t necessarily need to use this kit to draw. If you prefer painting, this kit could be a way to sketch your paintings first, whether you sketch them on paper or on canvas. You’ll have the right materials to use and this gives you better vision of the end product of your painting.  

Drawing kits are an easy way to obtain high quality materials for a better price and they can be carried anywhere. If you’re friends with an artist, they even make a great gift. They’re versatile and come in all shapes and sizes. So why wouldn’t you buy one? Go ahead and take a look!

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