Choosing The Right Drawing Tools

Choosing The Right Drawing Tools

Whether you are just starting out as an artist, or you are a seasoned illustrator, it is vital you have the right drawing tools beside you. However, picking the best tools isn't an easy given; there is a process to it.

When it comes purchasing art supplies, quality is always the watchword. Do not be swayed by pretty artist drawing sets littered with glitter. Some sets may be attractive, but they lack the essential products you need. Mind you; drawing isn't as expensive as people make it out to be. It is actually simple and affordable, and to bring out the best in your work; you just have to make do with some quality products. Below is a list of some of the top items you must have on your artist drawing set

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Graphite Pencils

Every artist needs a graphite pencil. In fact, it is one of the most popular pieces of every artist set. Graphite Pencils are the most common type of drawing materials. The way they are designed means they can be used to achieve smooth strokes.  

Charcoal/Charcoal Pencils

Charcoal Pencils are made of charcoal. They are used for sketching and figure drawing. Artists usually use charcoal/charcoal pencils to get fuller blacks or thickness. Their application is quite extensive as they can be used to create various effects ranging from thin lines to bold lines. Although it can be quite challenging to control for untrained hands, it can be used to generate various effects.

Drawing Inks

Drawing is more than just pencils and charcoals; in fact there so many tools that artists have at their disposal. Drawing ink is one of such medium. They are very simple tools that exude elegance and confidential. Just as how there are different pencil types, so also there are different inks, and each varies in opacity, drying speed, and so on. Go through the various inks available and make your choice according to the one that meets your needs.


There are lots of different types of erasers in the market, each with its own unique features and needs. Whereas your standard eraser might affect your work by leaving flaked residue and causing a smudge, a kneaded eraser is a more professional tool. Kneaded erasers with fresh edges can be used to remove crisp lines and hairlines. In addition, there are gum erasers that are more suited to graphite pencils

charcoal pencils drawing tools

Final Thoughts

Each of these tools is important in their respective ways. Together they form a useful drawing set that every artist needs. If you can get your hands on these tools, you can be sure that you've taken one step to make your life easier as an illustrator or artist.

-Norberg & Linden


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